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I choose to render images in platinum and palladium metals.  These materials are appealing to me for the beauty of their tonalities, and because of their associations with the early practitioners of photography.

The physical act of making a print- weighing out the precious metals, mixing the solutions, painting the emulsion onto paper, etc., - is a very meaningful part of making a photograph.

Though the materials I use are traditional, I also make use of contemporary methods of generating enlarged negatives for contact printing.   I use both digital and traditional film cameras for picture-making.

Working in this way, I take advantage of  ‘old’ and ‘new’ tools to explore the medium …as photographers always have.


The idea of ‘cultivation’ is the basis of my photographic explorations.  My work is an examination of the marks we make, the things we plant, and the structures we build when we cultivate a place.

My experiences in agriculture and landscape architecture inform my image-making.

Robert Adams writes that “…what we hope for from the artist is help in discovering the significance of a place.”

The idea of cultivation becomes more relevant to our lives as farmland disappears  and is replaced with other constructions.

This is why I make pictures.

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